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About Karen

Karen Galati is a Canadian professional photographer and portraitist with an intrinsic understanding of the art form who captures the essence of her subjects in a fluid and seamless way. Her passionate approach to photography is inspired by nature and the complexity of human relationships. Known for her wonderful sense of humour and cheerfulness, Karen makes studio photo shoots fun and relaxing.

Outside of the studio, using the latest technological advances in photography and equipment, Karen photographs cultural and sports events. Karen is also a world traveler, and has photographed the people, flora, and fauna of the Amazon, Africa, China, India, Vietnam, Australia, Italy, Peru, Mexico, the Caribbean, North America, Argentina and the Galapagos Islands.

Corporate and individual clients appreciate Karen’s insight and understanding of their unique needs and are always impressed with the results. On a personal level, Karen appreciates the way in which photography compels her to look at life from a different perspective. Her ideas are fresh, innovative, and visionary.

Welcome to Karen’s world. Enjoy.